Introduction to On Earth Peace

On Earth Peace helps you build peace…in yourself, family, church, community, nation, and world. Our professional staff and network of experienced volunteers provide skills, support, and spiritual foundations for overcoming violence with the power of love, through a range of powerful programs of training and accompaniment. Although we are an agency of the Church of the Brethren, we are an independent peace mission that works with all kinds of groups including schools, churches, community organizations, businesses, government agencies, and others.

On Earth Peace’s office is located in New Windsor, MD, but our staff is decentralized throughout the United States.

Internship Description

The purposes of On Earth Peace internships are to advance our work, to achieve success in specific programs and initiatives, and to offer skill-development and personal growth for emerging peacebuilders in a faith-based nonprofit setting, fulfilling our mission to develop leadership for peace in each generation.

Our internships are intended for young adults age 18-24, current college and graduate students regarless of age, and recent graduates who begin internship within one year of graduating.


  1. Gain exposure to and experience in the day-to-day operations of a Jesus-inspired peacebuilding organization
    • Engage On Earth Peace’s long-term strategic perspectives.
    • Participate in achieving specific goals for your assigned program area.
  2. Gain familiarity with one field
    • Communications and message management.
    • Organizational development.
    • Living peace church ministry.
    • \Ministry of Reconciliation conflict transformation.
    • Nonviolent social change organizing and activism.
    • Youth and young adult peace formation.
    • Special projects to advance our mission.
  3. Build self-awareness of your natural strengths and areas for growth as a professional and a leader for peace and social changeWork with your supervisor to identify and clarify personal learning goals for the internship and monitor progress on them.
    • Keep a weekly journal reflecting on your experiences (prompting questions will be provided upon request).
    • Receive specific clear feedback on performance, including areas of strength and areas for growth, from your internship supervisor.
  4. Explore and experiment with your spiritual leadership for peace and justice. (optional)
    • Reflect spiritually and/or theologically on your work.
    • Generate one scriptural/theological reflection on the aspect of the work of On Earth Peace in which you are involved. 


Interns are expected to work 10-15 hours per week as scheduled with intern supervisor for a maximum of 200 hours per semester. 


This is a paid internship. On Earth Peace offers a highly competitive rate of $10/hour.*  Internships for credit may be considered, as approved by your college or university.*Rate may be adjusted if the internship is for credit.


Internships are supervised by the Director of Youth and Young Adult Peace Formation and your current project manager.


Internships are one semester in length (typically three months), and are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Some interns may be considered for more than one term depending on satisfaction of both parties and work available.

Required Qualifications

  • Ability to work independently and remotely with minimal direct, in-person supervision.
  • Have completed at least one year of undergraduate education with some course work in fields pertaining to your internship.
  • Strong skills in written and verbal communication.
  • Fluency in using computers and online tools in your work.
  • Access to a work space that includes internet, computer, and phone. (On Earth Peace has a decentralized staff that each work from home offices.)
  • Passion for building peace and justice.

Application Process

Applications are received on a rolling basis.To apply please submit the following to:Marie Benner-Rhoades, Youth and Young Adult Peace Formation Director via email- mrhoades@onearthpeace.orgQuestions may be directed to Marie by email or phone- 607-387-3509.

Cover Letter

The cover letter should include:

  • Brief statement describing your philosophy of peacebuilding and involvement in peace work. Or…relevant experience for specific project for which you are applying.
  • Specific area(s) which you hope to work on within On Earth Peace.
  • Identify specific learning goals that you bring to this internship and how they connect with your continued education and/or work goals.
  • Describe your working style.
  • Include mailing address, email, and phone number where you can be reached.
  • Also include name of university, year in school, and major.

Please include relevant coursework.


Provide at least three references.* Two of the references must be able to share about your particular qualifications for this position. One may be a personal character reference.*If seeking credit for this internship, please include internship professor as an additional reference.

Current Projects

At any given time, On Earth Peace has a number of projects available to interns.  For full internship descriptions including duties/responsibilities and qualifications, please contact Marie Benner-Rhoades at (link sends e-mail).

On Earth Peace is also willing to work with students to design internships that meet their learning goals and class requirements.  Contact Marie for more information.


Work closely with our executive director and program directors to help organize and support groups working in one or more of these peace & justice movement areas:


Work closely with our executive director and program directors in one or more of the following areas of communication needs:

  • Social Media Organizer - On Earth Peace.  currently FILLED (projected opening- January 2018)
  • Peace & Justice Book Club Host: Help develop, promote, and manage an online peace and justice book club for seminaries (and beyond). SEMINARY/GRAD STUDENTS ONLY
  • Peace & Justice Shop Organizer: Help develop, promote, and manage an online store for On Earth Peace logoed items with inspiring peace and justice messaging.
  • Newsletter Editor: email and printcurrently FILLED (projected opening- December 2017)


Work closely with our executive director and others in creative and skillful ways to meet our fundraising needs:


Work closely with our executive director and program directors to support our participation in major events:


Work closely with our executive director and program directors to help develop and integrate our impact driven approach to program work:


Work closely with our executive director and administrator to improve management and transparency in our finacial record keeping and reporting:

  • Database Administrator (DBA): A CompSci or Business major with expertise and career interest in relational database management (RDBM) systems, constituent relationship management (CRM) systems, spreadsheet power user tools, and data and workflow process design and planning. You will work closely with our executive staff on a range of projects to clean up, migrate, and integrate our constituent data in appropriate platforms; along with integrating add-on applications, and developing workable user interfaces, profiles, views, and reports for a range of users.