Planned Giving

For their future and yours

With a planned gift to On Earth Peace, you can

  • Provide Christian faith formation for children and youth;
  • Build peace in communities around the world;
  • Support reconciliation ministries for families and churches; and
  • Enjoy greater financial security yourself.

Learn mopre about the many benefits of giving to On Earth Peace. Contact On Earth Peace Executive Director Bill Scheurer.

It's true!

With a gift to On Earth Peace, you strengthen the vital peace witness of the church in these difficult times. Your gift builds a more peaceful world for our children and grandchildren, and helps them learn how to take the lead in reducing violence.

At the same time, your gift can make it possible for you to

  • enjoy a regular income for life, at a surprisingly high rate
  • dispose of appreciated property while reducing capital gains tax
  • lower your current tax payments
  • reduce estate taxes
  • leave a permanent legacy of peacemaking

Why give to On Earth Peace?

  • Thousands of youth and children have taken some of their first steps of discipleship in On Earth Peace programs. Hundreds of congregations and countless church leaders have been strengthened for service.
  • Yet these extensive ministries are not enough. On Earth Peace is committed to reaching every youth and every congregation. This challenge requires more than just commitment. It requires growth, which depends on the support of those who want to build a more peaceful world.
  • In a time of increasing violence, our witness as a living peace church is needed more than ever. Your current or future gift will help to ensure that we can meet this challenge.
  • One more thing you will want to know: almost 90% of every contribution to On Earth Peace goes directly into our programs and ministries - not to administration and fund-raising.

You may be surprised to learn

  • which of your current assets can be used to make an important gift for peace
  • how such a gift can benefit you and your loved ones


Each of the options below helps to build a more peaceful world while also providing tax or income benefits to you or your heirs.

You can make a gift which will provide lifetime income for you.

When you set up a Charitable Gift Annuity, you receive income for life at a rate of 6% to 12%, depending on your age. A portion of the annuity's value is considered a tax-deductible gift, and the payments to you are partially taxfree as well. Converting your current low-yield investments or savings into a gift annuity can increase your income and reduce your taxes.

You can set up a fund from which you make gift allocations as you choose.

By setting up a Charitable Gift Fund with the Brethren Foundation, you can recommend gifts from the fund to On Earth Peace or other organizations in the amounts and at the times you choose. You can use cash, securities, or any asset, and the full amount can be tax deductible in the year you establish the fund.

You can take advantage of appreciated assets.

When you make a gift of appreciated stocks or real estate, you multiply the power of your gift. Suppose you own 100 shares of stock which you purchased at $20 per share, for a total cost of $2000, and the current market value is $5000. By donating that stock, you may receive a tax deduction for the full $5000, and you may not have to pay capital gains tax on the $3000 gain. The advantages of donating real estate are similar.

You can use your retirement fund to make a gift now or as a bequest.

By making On Earth Peace the remainder beneficiary of your retirement fund, the full amount remaining at the end of your life will benefit the church's peace ministries. If your unused retirement funds remain part of your taxable estate, up to 70% could be lost to taxes. You can also make a current gift directly from your retirement account. In some cases, this withdrawal from your account may not be taxable.

You can plan for a gift now, to take effect at your death.

One way to do this is to put On Earth Peace in your will, specifying either an amount or a percentage of your estate. You could choose to "adopt" On Earth Peace - so that the organization would receive the same share as each of your children. Or, you could "endow your annual gift" - if you have been contributing $1000 to peace ministry each year, your will could specify a bequest to the On Earth Peace endowment in an amount which would yield $1000 per year far into the future.

You can designate On Earth Peace as beneficiary of almost any asset in your estate.

Your life insurance policy, retirement funds, even savings and checking accounts, can have a charitable organization as the remainder beneficiary, to receive those assets when you no longer need them. Every asset donated in this way reduces the tax burden on your estate, and with some kinds of assets, the tax savings are dramatic.

Many other gift options are possible, including trusts, funds, and life income plans. On Earth Peace works with the Brethren Foundation, Inc., in providing planned giving services to its supporters. We encourage you to consult with your financial advisor as you plan.


We are ready to help you choose the options which are best for you.

For more information about leaving a legacy of peace in your will, earning lifetime income with a gift annuity, setting up a fund for future giving, giving through your life insurance policy, avoiding capital gains taxes on appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, etc.), giving from your retirement fund, or assigning beneficiary status for saving, checking, or retirement accounts, contact Bob Gross (260-982-7751).