Ways to Give

The work of reconciliation and violence reduction depends on the support of people like you.  Without that support, our ministries with youth, children and adults would not be possible.  Approximately 80% of the funds which make these ministries possible come from individual and congregational donors.

Why should I support On Earth Peace?

Because when you contribute to On Earth Peace, you are supporting all of these:

Make an Immediate Gift

You can send a check to On Earth Peace at:

P. O. Box 188
New Windsor, MD 21776-0188

Or, you can donate online.

Join our Steadfast Support Circle

More and more people are choosing the easy way to make an affordable monthly gift for peacemaking by joining On Earth Peace's Steadfast Support Circle.  Contact Lamar Gibson via e-mail or by phone at 410-635-8704 and let us know whether you would like to make your automatic monthly gift via credit card or direct withdrawal.

Plan for a Deferred Gift

We can help you plan a future gift to On Earth Peace in a way that benefits you as well. 

A Charitable Gift Annuity will provide you with significant tax advantages and steady income for life, while providing a significant future contribution to the peacemaking ministries of the church.

Through a bequest you can ensure that the fruits of your passion for reconciliation and nonviolence will continue long after your own lifetime.  It's very easy to add On Earth Peace as a beneficiary in your will.

Buy our books (we earn commissions)


There are many volunteer opportunities within On Earth Peace, including leadership, hospitality and logistical support, communication support, designated giving options, volunteer coordinators, and specified expertise.

Good Stewardship

MoR Dave FoutsFor several years now, On Earth Peace has been able to keep operating expenses within annual income.  This was achieved through careful management by staff, combined with steady support from congregations and individuals.  However, it has required some hard choices among priorities, and some worthy projects have not been possible. Financial reserves remain slim.

For 2012, we are pleased to report our stewardship of the funds entrusted to On Earth Peace: 

81.3% ------- Program Ministries and Services
8.3% -------- Management and General Operating
10.4% -------- Fund Raising

On Earth Peace works collaboratively with the Mission and Ministry Board of the Church of the Brethren and other denominational agencies to ensure that we do not duplicate efforts and can jointly sponsor shared ministries.