On Earth Peace does not have a history of making public statements. However, we have felt led by the Spirit to respond to events in recent years by sharing statements of concern--especially when we witness the oppression or exclusion of any of our brothers and sisters from full and equal participation in the life of the church or society.

The Time Is Now For Racial Justice

January 2014


The board and staff of On Earth Peace are on a multi-year journey as we seek to understand and unravel institutional racism within our organization. Together, we continue to build a shared analysis of the ways oppression plays out in society as a whole and in our cherished institutions.

The following statement comes from our emerging understanding. 

Statement of Inclusion

all are welcome

During its 2011 fall meeting, the On Earth Peace board of directors issued the following statement of inclusion:

We are troubled by attitudes and actions in the church, which exclude persons on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other aspect of human identity. We believe God calls the church to welcome all persons into full participation in the life of the faith community.

While this statement of conscience arose in the Church of the Brethren, we believe it applies to the whole church everywhere and all organizations.