Counter Recruitment Organizing Packet

ArmyOn Earth Peace's Organizing and Outreach packet is intended as an introduction to the work of counter-recruitment and truth-in-recruiting, especially developed for those working from a Christian faith basis. It includes:

  • A sampling of 15-20 of the best resources (leaflets, ideas, handouts, comics, etc.) currently offered by our partner organizations in the counter-recruitment movement. 
  • Faith resources including a DVD on faith and military recruitment, a letter inviting on congregational leaders to get involved, activities for a youth group to use to begin thinking about issues of military recruitment and faith commitment, and a brief theological reflection on the work of counter-recruitment.

If you are just getting oriented or even if you've been organizing for a while, this sampler is a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Order the packet, for which we ask a donation of $10 plus $3 shipping; or order the faith and militarism DVD alone for a $3.00 donation. To order, contact Matt Guynn by e-mail or by calling 765-962-6234.

You can also download On Earth Peace's core documents from the packet directly from this page!

Download one file including twelve pages of core documents in PDF format:

PDF files can easily be viewed and printed on any computer with Acrobat® Reader installed.  A free version of Acrobat® Reader can be downloaded here.

Download the individual components in PDF format: