Clenched Fist, Open Hands Brochure

Clenched Fists, Open Hands

On Earth Peace offers a new pamphlet for reflection, study and outreach: Clenched Fists, Open Hands: A Meditation on God's Love and Peace in the Christian Life.

The trifold pamphlet introduces God's love for all people, and describes the connection between God's free gift of grace and the commitment to open our hands to each other as peacemakers.

The people who are most excited about this brochure are those in new church development, those leading membership classes, and people concerned about outreach and peace witness.


Possible uses:

  • Membership classes and for introducing the peace witness to new believers and church members.
  • For distribution in public places as part of evangelism efforts or peace witness activities.
  • Add it to your church literature rack, so visitors can find out about this important dimension of Christian faith.
  • It includes space for you to add your congregation's contact information.

Clenched Fists, Open Hands is available both in English and Spanish.

Feel free to print your own copies from the links above. You can order copies for $0.10 each by calling or e-mailing Darlene Johnson (410-635-8704).