Training Resources

These examples offer you a sense of trainings offered as part of On Earth Peace's Nonviolent Social Change ministry. Our trainings are often customized to meet the specific needs of partner groups. To schedule a training or discuss the challenges you are facing in your community, contact us.


Orientation to Kingian Nonviolence (Two-Day). This two-day training will provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and strategy of Kingian Nonviolence. This training is useful for anyone who deals with conflict: inter-personal or larger social conflicts, whether in your personal life, in the workplace, or in your work for social change.

During this training, we will go over the types and levels of conflict, some readings and analysis of Dr. King’s thinking, the six principles of nonviolence (a framework of how to respond to conflict), and the six steps of nonviolence (how to take those principles and put them into a social change organizing campaign). The training will include lectures, role plays, video presentations, and other interactive activities.

Nonviolent Community Change Training (Five-Day). The seminar includes activities focused on getting rooted in your community, understanding the forces at play, building a sense of biblical/theological aspects of the work to reduce violence  and  increase peace, and examining change efforts in a strategic perspective (what kinds of things  need to happen first - second - third; how to get others excited and involved, etc).  Participants will examine what it takes to develop a specific, focused effort for nonviolent  change, connecting what we learn to experiences back  at home. Build on what you know, practice spirituality + skills + strategy, and  take your community ministries to the next level! A common frame of reference for community change will come from exploring the Principles and Steps for Kingian nonviolent community reconciliation used in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Time will be provided to plan for proactive, hopeful action when you get home. Our time will combine the practical and the prayerful. While together, we will practice prayer and other activities designed to help build spiritual power for change. As Christians, we are at our best when we are ourselves in powerful contact with God's healing, and can bring that power to our community work.  More info here.