YPTT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the YPTT do?

A: The YPTT spends the summer traveling as a group to Church of the Brethren camps and Conferences. At each camp, the team takes on different responsibilities. For example, the team might do a morning session each day, focusing on a different aspect of Christian peacemaking. They might be responsible for some campfires or some pieces of campfires. They might work with small groups, lead bible studies, join in camp games or hikes, or do a combination of these kinds of activities. The Team also attends Annual Conference, where they are typically involved in insight sessions, peace and justice actions, youth leadership, and connecting with new and old friends across the denomination. When there's a National Youth Conference, the YPTT gets to participate in that, too!

Q: So, are YPTTers counselors at the camps?

A: The YPTT are not intended to be "regular" cabin counselors at camp, sleeping in cabins with the youth and supervising campers' cabin time. Occasionally, when a camp on the Team's itinerary is in a real crunch and needs an extra cabin counselor, the Team will work with the camp to help camp run smoothly. The YPTT focuses their energy on peace and justice oriented programming and building relationships with Church of the Brethren youth.

Q: You say that the YPTT is involved with MSS. What is that?

A: YPTTers are part of the Ministry Summer Service program (MSS). MSS is a leadership development program of the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office of the General Board. YPTTers enjoy the same responsibilities and benefits as other MSSers, including a relationship with a mentor, orientation in Richmond, IN, a stipend and a tuition grant.

Q: Do YPTT members get paid, or are they volunteers?

A: YPTTers are given a monthly $100 stipend and a $2,500 tuition grant as compensation for their time and energy over the summer. Team members are responsible for getting to orientation, but food, housing and all other transportation costs are covered by the sponsoring agencies.

Q: How much of the summer do Team members commit to YPTT?

A: The Team begins their summer with YPTT orientation the week following Memorial Day weekend. The YPTT participates in Ministry Summer Service orientation, and then travels until mid-August. The team and leadership close their time together with debriefing.

Q: I think I want to apply for the YPTT, but I'd like more information. (I already read your webpage and the FAQ.) Help!

A: If you're interested in learning more about the YPTT, contact Marie Rhoades (the coordinator for peace education at On Earth Peace) and she can tell you more about the team. If you're interested, she may even be able to put you in touch with a former YPTT member. Email Marie.

Q: Okay, I've decided to apply for the YPTT. When are applications due?

A: Applications for the Summer 2010 team will be due in January 2010.  They will be made available on this site in the Fall.  If you have questions, or want an early start, please contact Marie Rhoades at 607-387-3509.

Q: I'm in high school. Am I eligible for the YPTT?

A: It's wonderful that you're excited about the YPTT! The Team is open to 18-23 year olds who have completed at least one year of higher education. We hope that you will consider applying for the YPTT when you are eligible.

Q: I really, really, really want to get involved with peace and justice work in the Church of the Brethren. If I don't join the YPTT, what other options do I have?

A: In addition to the YPTT, the Church offers many other opportunities for youth and young adults who want to get involved. You could apply to be a part of Ministry Summer Service, apply be on staff at one of the Brethren camps or retreat centers, join a Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation, join Brethren Volunteer Service, do a workcamp, organize or attend a peace retreat, or get involved in service opportunities at your home church. The options are limitless!

Q: How can I arrange for the YPTT to come to my camp?

A: The YPTT usually travels within one (or two) region(s) of the country each summer. If they haven't been to your camp in a while, or you'd like them to come back to your camp as soon as possible, you can contact Margo Royer-Miller, OMA Steering Committee member, and let her know. Jerri works with the Outdoor Ministries Association and helps lead the YPTT. Email her.

Q: Who sponsors the YPTT?

A: The YPTT is a joint project of On Earth Peace, Brethren Volunteer Service, Outdoor Ministries Association, and Youth and Young Adult Ministries.