Frequently Asked Questions about Agape-Satyagraha

Q:  What roles do volunteers serve in as a part of the program?

A:  Volunteers are essential to Agape-Satyagraha.  There are two primary ways adult volunteers are a part of Agape-Satyagraha:

  1. A coordinator to do local organizing and relate through On Earth Peace with the national program is a necessity.  The coordinator might be an existing staff person within the church/organization or a volunteer able to commit significant time to the program.  This position requires about five hours of work per week.
  2. Adult mentors are also essential.  Ideally, the program teaches skills through one-on-one coaching, enabling youth to learn at their own pace.  However, the program can be run with fewer mentors, if necessary (e.g. one per level that youth are working on).

Q:  How often is the program held and for how long do they meet?

A:  Agape-Satyagraha is held once a week for about one and half hours, either year round or just during the school year.

Q:  What ages are the youth that attend Agape-Satyagraha?

A:  The curriculum is designed for Junior and Senior High youth, grades 6-12.

Q:  Will there be a cost to our church/organization if we run an Agape-Satyagraha program?

A:  Sites are responsible for the cost of running of the weekly/monthly program.  The cost will also depend on the way that individual sites set up the program.  Costs may include staff time, food and refreshments, monthly award outings, and some basic printing costs.  Current sites have found grant funding available.

Q:  How do you pronounce "Satyagraha"?

A:  Sa·tya·gra·ha (sa-tyä'gra-ha, sut'ya-gru'ha)

Q:  What does a typical Agape-Satyagraha meeting look like?

A:  Current sites meet for about an hour and a half.  Typically, a meeting begins with informal gathering and check-in as a group (about 15 minutes).  Youth then break into coaching pairs and for formal learning (about 30 minutes).  Finally, youth gather again as a large group for sharing and announcements (10 minutes).  Some sites then have pizza or some other refreshment/meal (about 30 minutes).  The exact schedule will be depend on the site.

Q:  Why a pilot site program?

A:  We are learning in partnership as this program develops.  On Earth Peace and Brethren Community Ministries are asking how Agape-Satyagraha needs to develop to be in different communities in different parts of the country?  We need the help and patience of a few sites to learn how to make this program accessible for many in the future.

Q:  Can we purchase the curriculum without being a part of the pilot program?

A:  The curriculum is still being developed (in connection with the pilot program) and is not available for sale.  In the future, we hope to make it available as part of the program itself and as a resource curriculum for general peace education.