Ministers of Reconciliation


Ministers of Reconciliation

Wherever two or three are gathered, conflict and tensions are inevitable – even healthy.  It’s also inevitable that we need the help of our sisters and brothers to respond faithfully. 

Ministers of Reconciliation are a diverse group of trained volunteers who serve the church by being present and attentive, ready to respond where confusion, conflict or negative emotions are causing a problem in the gathered body.  Typically identified by wearing yellow lanyards and “Minister of Reconciliation” tags, their primary role is to be available to listen, facilitate communication, and help navigate misunderstandings. They are trained to respond appropriately in the event anyone is feeling or being threatened or harmed in any way (ex., verbally, emotionally, or physically), to be a peaceful presence in tense situations, to mediate conflict, and to help make sense of complex proceedings.

From 2012-2104 the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference officers asked the Ministry of Reconciliation of On Earth Peace to coordinate the selection, preparation and management of a Ministers of Reconciliation Team at their yearly conference; and provided financial support fo the team's training.  In 2014 the Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference (NYC) coordinators asked the Ministry of Reconciliation to form a team that would cultivate and model a conflict-healthy climate at their conference by

·         Providing a ministry of presence to those who are anxious or simply need a listening ear. 

·         Providing mediation services to help conference participants navigate conflict.

·         Proactively encouraging faithful conflict health.

For more information contact the Ministry of Reconciliation.