Yard Signs

Looking for another way to be a peace witness? On Earth Peace is partnering with the Manassas (VA) Church of the Brethren to make available yard signs that will allow folks to witness for peace in their communities. And how about giving a yard sign as a gift to your neighbors and friends? As David Hersch, originator of this idea said, "10,000 peace signs would be lovely landscaping."

For a larger view, click on an image to see it in PDF format.
They are easily viewed and printed on any computer with Acrobat® Reader installed. 

The signs are 18" x 24" and come with an H - shaped rigid wire stand.

For more information, contact David Hersch at 703-368-5770 or the Manassas Church of the Brethren, 10047 Nokesville Road, Manassas, VA 20110-4131, phone: 703-368-4783.


Order Yard Signs

10 @ $5.00 donation each = $50
20 @ $4.50 donation each = $90
30 @ $4.00 donation each = $120
40 @ $3.50 donation each = $140
50 @ $3.00 donation each = $150
(Handling and UPS shipping is $25 for all orders)

I'd like to order the following yard signs (you will be sent an invoice for the amount you owe plus $25 shipping and handling):