Glimpses of Freedom CD

JOYA CD Glimpses of FreedomTen years after bringing Brethren history and Christian peacemaking alive for children, youth, and adults in Church of the Brethren congregations, schools, and camps across the country, JOYA regathered in 2004-2005 to help On Earth Peace celebrate 30 years of peacemaking through concerts in five areas of the country. LuAnne Harley, Shawn Kirchner, Brian Kruschwitz, and Barb Sayler first dreamed up JOYA in 1993. The four, already in Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS), turned it into a BVS project the following year. On Earth Peace caught the excitement the team shared, and along with the Denominational Peace Witness and the Youth/Young Adult office, and the Brethren Historical Committee, sponsored the JOYA tour. Throughout the fall of 1994, the four traveled over 18,000 miles giving concerts and workshops.

The "Glimpses of Freedom" CD, of which all proceeds go to help further the ministries of On Earth Peace, brings old and new gems together to exhibit JOYA's remarkable blend and tight harmonies.


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