Art Gish talks to Rush Limbaugh about war

Art Gish, a Church of the Brethren member from Athens, Ohio, who has been working with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in the Middle Eastern city of Hebron, called in to the Rush Limbaugh show on March 23 to offer his perspective. In an e-mail from the "Peace Witness Action List" of On Earth Peace giving the transcript of Gish's call, it was noted that "Limbaugh has been quite critical of CPT through the captivity of CPTers in Iraq." The call included the following exchange: Gish: "...If we want peace and are opposed to war, then we ought to be willing to take the same risks that soldiers take and go into violent situations and be a nonviolent presence in the middle of...." Limbaugh: "Yeah, but, you know, peacemakers have never won wars with peace. They do it with guns and soldiers and...." Gish: "Well, we have another idea...." Limbaugh: "You win wars by killing people and breaking things, and then you institute the peace." Gish: "We believe that the only way to overcome evil is through nonviolent suffering love, the way of the cross...." A full transcript can be obtained from On Earth peace, contact

April 26, 2006