Field Reports

Reconciliation Stories

Church of the Brethren Ministry of Reconciliation Team Report

By Reba Herder

Photo (c) Church of the Brethren by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford

Field Reports

Field Reports from 2013 

Safe Passage for Youth in Lancaster

Peace in the Park

Violent fighting among high school students walking home after school through Reservoir Park in Lancaster, Pa., miraculously ended after a few “Safe Passage” volunteers began monitoring the park peacefully, with smiles.

Rockford, IL: "To Bring Hope, Stability, and Healing"

In the Rockford project, On Earth Peace supported the work of Rockford Partners for Excellence, a diverse community group which grew out of the November 2009 Strategic Nonviolence workshop which On Earth Peace provided at a time of crisis in the city.  The group is led by Samuel Sarpiya, a part-time On Earth Peace staff member serving as Nonviolence Organizer in Rockford.