Training for Church Leadership

Deacons as Leaders in Times of Conflict

4 hours

Audience: Deacons, deacon chairs, and other congregational leadership

 Conflict is an inevitable part of life.  Deacons can play a key role in assisting the congregation when conflict occurs.  Includes time to survey Christ-centered resources for resolving conflicts peacefully. 


  • healthy ways to assist others before, during and after a conflict
  • how deacons can help to break the gossip cycle.
  • to assist the congregation in crafting behavioral covenants to define acceptable behavior toward all members

Cost to your congregation: 

$150-$250 plus leadership travel expenses

Ministry with Difficult Behaviors

7 hours (.7 CEU)

Audience: Church leaders who want to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills including pastors, staff, Leadership Team/board members, and deacons  

All churches and organizations have them: imperfect people who display imperfect behavior from time to time! Learn how to effectively respond in a healthy, responsible manner.  Based upon the work of author and seminary professor Arthur Paul Boers, and long-time pastor, counselor and systems theory-expert Peter Steinke, participants will review the following:

  • The Congregation as a System 
  • Healthy Responses to Difficult Behavior
  • The Crucial Role of Leaders

 Cost: $300-$500 plus leadership travel expenses

Appreciative Inquiry

8 hours (.8 CEU)


Church leaders who want to focus on positive change:  pastors, facilitators, leadership teams, practitioners, Shalom Team/D &R members, district leadership

Appreciative Inquiry has been termed "the discipline of positive change."  Traditionally congregations looking to create change have focused on looking for the problems, making a diagnosis, and finding a solution; in other words, elements that were "wrong" or broken. In contrast, Appreciative Inquiry is an approach that looks for what's working well. 


  • how to uncover what is working well for a congregation
  • ways to facilitate a positive approach to planning and managing change

Cost: $300-$500 plus leadership travel expenses

Team-Building and Communication Styles

8 hours (.8 CEU)


Church board and leadership team members, pastoral and lay staff, district and agency staff

This workshop is designed to enhance the ability of a team to work together in times of calm or times of stress.  Using the Friendly Style Profile for Communication at WorkTM, participants will learn about their own communication styles, how to appreciate style diversity and manage excesses, and how to bring out the best in self and others.  Leadership styles in times of conflict will also be examined, along with guidance in effective communication skills and team-building.  Excellent resource for a newly formed team or board. 

Cost: $300-$500 plus leadership travel expenses

Keeping a Cool Head in a Hot Meeting

8 hours (.8 CEU)

Audience: Congregational and district leaders, pastors and laypersons

Ever chaired a difficult meeting?  Join us to gather the tools necessary for building facilitation skills and confidence, even in the face of challenging issues. 

In this workshop, learn:

  • the best way to structure meetings, with an eye to efficiency, openness and clarity
  • basic guidelines to use when anxiety levels are high and tension fills the meeting room
  • how to lead difficult discussions 


Cost: $300-$500 plus coverage of leadership travel and accommodation expenses

Faith-Based Mediation

30 hours (2 CEU)

Audience:  Aspiring practitioners, church leaders, anyone with an interest in mediating conflicts

Learn how to mediate conflicts from a Christian faith perspective.  Participants will learn the communication skills necessary to assist others in resolving conflicts peacefully and participate in nine hours of mediation role plays. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict
  • Communication skills for mediators
  • Step-by-step guidance through the mediation process

This workshop is offered regionally by On Earth Peace.

Cost: $250/person plus lodging and meals. 

Conflict Transformation for Congregational Leaders

7 hours (.7 CEU)

Audience: Pastors, deacons, board and committee chairpersons, congregational leadership

A well-equipped leader is able to deal with conflict as it arises.  In this highly interactive workshop, leaders are introduced to basic conflict transformation skills in the morning session.  In the afternoon, specialized sessions run concurrently for pastors, deacons and leadership team members. 


  • centered speaking and listening
  • transformation in a conflict setting
  • the importance of a "non-anxious presence"
  • how to understand power in leadership roles

Cost: $300-$500 plus leadership travel expenses

Healthy Congregations

6 Hours (.6 CEU)

Audience: Pastors, members, deacons, board and committee chairpersons

The Healthy Congregations workshop was designed by Dr. Peter Steinke to assist congregational leaders in understanding churches as emotional systems. Participants will explore the congregation as a system and focus on ways to assist a congregation experiencing difficulties.


  • a biblical approach to consulting and healing  broken communities
  • the dynamics of emotional field, the way the brain functions and understandings of human interaction
  • skills for self-understanding and differentiation in healing ministries

Cost: $250-$350 plus leadership travel expenses 


For more information, contact Leslie Frye , MoR Coordinator.