The Matthew 18 Workshop

"The vision of our church is to be Christ-like in word and deed. The Matthew 18 Workshop provides a wonderful opportunity to focus on this very important aspect of Jesus' ministry that he would want us to embody as individuals and as a congregation."
- a pastor in Pennsylvania

Congregations have found the Matthew 18 Workshop to be a practical, faith-centered resource for strengthening their ability to deal with differences as Jesus taught. While it is not recommended for a church that is currently experiencing difficult conflict, it is an excellent means of "building up the body."

Topics include:

  • New formats for Bible Study
  • Updated Communication Skills and Roleplays
  • Conflict theory-understanding the dynamics
  • Dealing with Anger-others and your own
  • God's Grace-Our Will:  The impact of forgiveness and letting go
  • Behavioral Covenants-agreeing how to treat one another

The Matthew 18 Workshop is offered to congregations at no charge beyond the travel expense of the workshop leader(s).

To request a workshop, contact Leslie Frye.