Where Two or Three are Gathered, Interpersonal Peacemaking

Where Two or Three Are Gathered Interpersonal PeacemakingOn Earth Peace is proud to announce the latest booklet in the Shalom Series, "Where Two or Three are Gathered, Interpersonal Peacemaking" by Annie Clark. Offering inspired stories and practical guidelines, readers will find a valuable resource for building relationships. 

As followers of Jesus, we are called to another way.   We can acquaint ourselves personally with our opponents before we begin to discuss our differences.  We can communicate that we have regard for the other as a human being before we open conversation on divisive issues.  We can ask about the other's experiences in order to build a framework for understanding where they are coming from.  Christians are called to share resources with those in need, regardless of their beliefs.  We have spiritual resources to share, as well, including our compassion and respect for every child of God.  We can offer hospitality, the hospitality of relationship, to our neighbors.  We can refrain from name-calling, even in timesof frustration with the other person, and focus on searching for some common ground between us.

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