Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) Practitioner Network

Carol Waggy

The Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) is an On Earth Peace Community of Practice for Justice in Peace focused primarily on interpersonal peacemaking and reconciliation.  While anyone with a heart for reconciliation ministries is welcome as a participant in the practitioner network, some are distinguished as “recognized” practitioners.

What is an MoR Recognized Practitioner?
The Ministry of Reconciliation recognizes qualified practitioners in order to provide a way to call out and recognize specially qualified persons. Practitioners can be recognized in one or more of three areas of practice: facilitators, interveners, and teachers. Facilitators assist groups with planning and decision-making processes, guide communication on difficult topics, and convene important meetings. Interveners help congregations or other groups deal effectively and safely with conflict or tensions. Teachers lead educational events on conflict transformation, communication, healthy conflict habits, and related subjects.

Why has MoR created a “recognized practitioner” designation?
MoR is committed to serving in ways that are positive and faith-centered. We seek to provide appropriate, high-quality service in all areas. We also want to provide a way in which all persons called to reconciling ministry can find an opportunity to serve.

When requests come to MoR for workshops, conflict intervention, meeting facilitation, or other services, MoR will be able to recommend, with confidence, persons who are qualified and experienced.

On what basis are persons recognized?
Applicants need to meet three kinds of qualifications in order to be Recognized MoR Practitioners: training, experience, and abilities/attributes. They need to show that they have a knowledge base, acquired through formal training, apprenticeship or the equivalent, which informs and anchors their work. They also need to show that they have significant experience in the kinds of reconciling work for which they seek recognition. In addition, they must demonstrate their competence as practitioners, as well as the gifts or attributes which underlie that competence.

For more information on how to be part of the MoR Community of Practice, become a recognized MoR practitioner, or to request the services of a recognized MoR practitioner, contact the Ministry of Reconciliation.