What Happens to the Money?

Coins.jpg2/3 of Change for Peace donations stay in your local community to support violence reduction & peacebuilding initiatives.

You decide who gets that money.

On Earth Peace has prepared reflection questions which can be used by local CfP participants in choosing the local beneficiaries of the CfP funds.

It is suggested that funds be donated during the week of Christmas, Easter, or September 21 (the International Day of Prayer for Peace).  This can be done in any way that is meaningful to you - a celebratory public event, a quiet prayerful visit, or something else you create.

On Earth Peace requests that you report where you donated the funds, so we can track the growing impact of Change for Peace gifts.  These cumulative gifts will be tallied and reported each year through the Change for Peace website.

1/3 goes to support On Earth Peace's ministries of nonviolence, reconciliation, and justice.