How It Works

CfP-label.png Change for Peace combines spiritual practice with community peacebuilding. Change for Peace invites you to focus your spirit as you turn away from violence, and support powerful peace work in your community and the world.


Here are the steps to Change for Peace:

  1. Register for Change for Peace and receive Change for Peace labels in the mail.  The 3"x3" label looks like this.
  2. Pick a container that symbolizes your commitment to overcome violence and build peace, and place the label on your container. [On Choosing Your Container.]
  3. Once a day, deposit your pocket change in the jar, and pause for a moment of prayer and focusing. Breathe, or pray aloud or silently, or sing. . . Visit the blog for inspiration and invitations to prayer.
  4. If you are doing CFP as a family, you might gather, hold hands, and speak a sentence aloud about how you have seen violence today or how you are turning away from it.  You may use words on the label as points of departure for your daily prayers - use a different one each day.
  5. During the week of Christmas, Easter, or the International Day of Prayer for Peace (September 21), gather up the coins you have collected so far, and give it away! If you are faith or community group, this is an opportunity to come together and combine the Change everyone has collected.
  6. Donate 1/2 to a local violence reduction or peacebuilding initiative of your choice, and donate1/2 to On Earth Peace to continue bold peacemaking ministry.