Choosing Your Container

Change for Peace (Photo Credit: Karen Carter)The devotional practice of Change for Peace has many points of beginning.

One place to start is to make a symbolic and intentional choice of the receptacle for your coins, where you will affix your CFP decal.  It is at this vessel that you will pause daily (or gather as a household) for a moment of prayer.

We recommend choosing a container that represents your prayers to turn away from violence and toward the life God intends.

  • What vessel symbolizes the changes I want in myself - the turning I want to happen in me?
  • What vessel symbolizes the change I want in my community - the turning I want to see in my neighborhood?
  • What vessel symbolizes the change I want in the world - the turning I yearn for in the world?

So many options!  A glass jar, a gardening bucket, a chalice, a basin, a lunchbox, an old box of paints, a shoe, a wooden fruitbox.

Send us pictures of your container and we'll upload them here!

Photo: Karen Carter

Karen Carter of Daleville, VA, writes, "This is a picture of our Change for Peace pots. There were cups, plastic containers, open glass bowls, glass jars, Kleenex decorator boxes etc. Everyone just chose what he or she had!  Mine is the wooden chalice in the back. It was handmade for me about 20 years ago from a member of the congregation I then served as pastor."