Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) Workshops

The main way the Ministry of Reconciliation brings peacemaking skills to individuals, congregations, districts, and agencies is through workshops and training events.  Rooted in Jesus’ teachings, participants learn healthy responses to conflict and pro-active practices for generating understanding in the midst of diverse perspectives.  MoR provides leadership for faith-based workshops in communication and conflict transformation to people of varying skill levels. 

We believe in training that engages people with focused learning and a light touch.  In each workshop, participants experience training in essential skills, engaging dialogue, a spirutally rich environment, and biblically sound concepts.

Workshop offerings include conflict transformation for leadership; communication skills; the role of the deacon in situations of conflict; skills for holding difficult conversations and working through disagreements; skills for assisting others in conflict; and the Matthew 18 workshop, a seven to ten hour workshop covering basic conflict transformation skills for the entire congregation. 

Beyond our regular offerings, we are glad to work with you to bring the kind of training event that will equip participants with the skills and processes they need.

For more information or to book a workshop, contact the Ministry of Reconciliation program director.