Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) Services

Leslie Frye.  Photo by Kay Guyer

Sometimes even the best-equipped peacemakers need help, especially when a conflict is about an issue that evokes strong feelings or has been simmering for a long period of time.  That is why the Ministry of Reconciliation of On Earth Peace offers facilitation, and consultation/mediation services.

* Facilitation Services—Often it is helpful to engage an outside practitioner to facilitate a solid decision-making process, especially when issues are contentious.  MoR provides skilled facilitators for meetings held by the leadership team or the full congregation or organization.   

Facilitators are also available to assist congregations and other organizations in visioning and planning for future change.  While working through a period of change, a skilled facilitator can be engaged to help clarify decision-making and work through a process to address problems that arise.

* Consultation Services--MoR offers short or long-term consultation services for congregations needing assistance in dealing with conflict.  A congregation may be dealing with a conflict in its early stages, or with a simple or low level conflict.  An MoR consultation at this point might include facilitation of 1 or 2 meetings with leadership or the congregation as whole.  

For higher level conflict, or conflict that has been taking pace over a number of months or years, MoR suggests a six month “walk” with a consultation team.  Typically, this involves three weekends on-site with a consultation team over the first three months, and then a six-month period of coaching and consultation by phone.  During the consultation, the team may lead the congregation through a variety of processes to address healing, reconciliation, and change.  

For more information conact the Ministry of Reconciliaiton.