Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) Resources

Permission is granted for use of these resources in non-profit or educational settings only. No income may be derived from their content. Please contact On Earth Peace for permission to use in other settings.

Empowering others

Everyone has the wisdom and capacity to solve their own problems. This handout may be used to teach others to listen well enough to empower others to solve their own problems. From the new Matthew 18 Workshop Manual.

Engaging a Difficult Issue

Looking to Christ as a model, how can we talk about difficult things? From the On Earth Peace booth at Annual Conference 2006.

Keys to Resolving Conflict Successfully

The name says it all. A secular resource which can be used in workshops and Sunday School classes to give a brief overview of positive problem-solving.

Meditative Bible Study

A group Bible study based upon the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina. From the new Matthew 18 Workshop Manual.