Join Our Anti-Racism Transformation Team

The time is now for racial justice…as it has always been and always will be.
          – On Earth Peace statement of Racial Justice

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Since 2002, On Earth Peace has been engaged in an intentional process to understand how racism and other social oppressions prevent the organization from fully living in to its purpose of answering Christ’s call through powerful peace programs of training and accompaniment. Recognizing that racism affects all institutions and in an effort to live out the mission of the organization, OEP is seeking volunteer members to serve on an institutional Anti-Racism Transformation Team (ARTT). 

About the Anti-Racism Transformation Team

This Anti-Racism Transformation Team will work toward transforming our programs, administration, and governance to reflect anti-racist and fully multicultural, multiracial practices. Once appointed, the team will participate in a series of On Earth Peace-sponsored anti-racism trainings (conducted by Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training, After these trainings, the team will begin their work with our board, staff, and key stakeholders to create policies, practices, norms and spaces consistent with racial justice. Specifically, the ARTT will be asked to:

  • Lead and hold OEP accountable for dismantling racism within the organization
  • Create and help carry out the Anti-Racism Transformation Plan, to become a genuinely multiracial and multicultural organization and peacebuilder community
  • Help OEP become more accountable to the communities of color with whom we are connecting
  • Share the story of this institutional anti-racism work with – and provide continued anti-racism education to – OEP staff, board, constituencies, and stakeholders

Why we are doing this

The Church of the Brethren 2007 Annual Conference paper "Separate No More" calls the denomination to be transformed into the whole body of Christ in the realization of Revelation 7:9, fulfilling the Biblical mandate of a multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multiracial church.

Racism is not only a form of violence itself, but also breeds the conditions of inequality and mistrust that make war – and other kinds of violent conflict – possible. Whether embedded in our structures or in our psyches, racism separates us from each other, dehumanizes us all, and keeps us from living fully into Jesus’ way of love and God’s vision of shalom.

Through the creation of this team, we hope to effectively and credibly help our constituent peacebuilders end violence and war by addressing injustices and walking a path toward full ownership and participation by people of all racial identities.

Apply Today!

Individuals who are deeply committed and passionate to the mission and ministry of On Earth Peace and our desire to become a multiracial, multicultural, and anti-racist institution are encouraged to apply. Applications are available online at: -- and should be submitted on or before January 15, 2015.

Please submit all questions to For more information about On Earth Peace and our programs, please visit

*ARTT members must be willing and able to attend the following training events sponsored by On Earth Peace as well as commit to be present and fully engaged in the life of the team throughout an initial three-year term with the possibility for term renewal. 

  • March 8, 2015 – Orientation webinar (5 to 8 p.m. Eastern)
  • April 23-25, 2015 – Team Analysis & Application Workshop (allow for day of travel on April 22) 
  • Oct. 10-12, 2015 – Organizing & Team Life Workshop (allow for day of travel on Oct. 9)
  • Jan. 8-10, 2016 – Strategic Planning Workshop (allow for day of travel on Jan. 7)
  • TBD – Follow-up and possible Train-the-Trainer Workshop
  • Additional commitments may include future organizing, training, and group activities via phone, email, and other meetings as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will expenses be covered by the organization or by the volunteers?

On Earth Peace will cover all approved travel expenses for ARTT volunteers (reimbursement or advance payment for gas mileage, rental car, plane ticket, food, lodging, etc.).

Is OEP ready to back the work of this Anti-Racism team financially?

We (board and staff) have made an organizational commitment to fund the creation of this team and have approved significant funding for the ARTT formation and training stage of this work. The board, staff, and team will then collaborate to plan the ongoing financially responsibilities of this work.

Have you budgeted for the full training costs for both staff and volunteers?

Yes. On Earth Peace will cover the costs for all Crossroads training involved with the formation of this team (the training listed on the application). We hope team members will see this free training as a significant value from their volunteer work. OEP will choose the lodging and training sites after knowing the geographical areas of team members.

Have you budgeted for work that will be carried forward after the training stages? Will raising funds to cover ongoing anti-racism work be part of the team's responsibility, or will this fundraising be done by OEP staff and board as part of the organizational commitment to anti-racism transformation work?

Once the initial trainings for the formation of this team are complete, part of the follow-up work of the team will be to help brainstorm and strategize further funding plans and to set an ongoing budget in collaboration with OEP board and staff. We do not expect team members to be responsible for fundraising work beyond helping to plan and manage the budget.